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Allan Taylor is one of the last of the travelling troubadours who came through the sixties and carved out a career

as a solo singer-songwriter. Inspired by the Beat poet Jack Kerouac, songwriter Woody Guthrie and the guitarist

Davey Graham, he became part of the vibrant folk music scene in his hometown of Brighton.  He left home to

travel to London in the sixties and became part of the emerging folk song revival. It was here that he played the

folk clubs, such as The Troubadour and Bunjies. Through his association with his friends Fairport Convention he

was signed to United Artists Records and made his first two LPs at the iconic Sound Techniques Studios in

Chelsea, London. He then travelled to Greenwich Village, New York, playing the clubs The Gaslight, the

Bottom Line, Gerdes Folk City etc. and absorbing the issues, images and emotions of his time. During that

time he recorded in New York, Nashville and Los Angeles. He returned to live in England in the mid-seventies

and then started on the second part of his career, having now established his modus operandi – collecting the

stories of unsung heroes in the bars and cafes of Europe and further afield.


After a brief flirtation with two major record companies (United Artists Records and Chrysalis Records) during

which he made four albums, he turned his back on the major music business and carved his own path. Always

travelling alone, sometimes carrying his own small PA system, acting as his own roadie, his own manager and

agent and being completely independent he was able to stick to his principles with no compromise, prepared

to pay the price. And the price was paid; from small clubs of fifty people to festivals of twenty thousand, Taylor

played them all, eschewing the major record companies who saw no hit single in his work. But this very

avoidance allowed him to produce a body of work that has not only gained the respect of his audience but also

that of his peers, confirmed by more than two hundred cover versions of his songs (in ten different languages)

recorded by other artists.