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IWC Amsterdam is proud of its charitable and community-giving endeavours.  We are a social club with a social conscience, and philanthropy is woven into several of the club activities.


Every two years our members are invited to propose and, by a voting system, choose a charity which is then supported by funds raised through various club activities during this two-year period. At our Annual General Meeting held on 1st May, 2018, our members voted to support KNGF Geleidehonden for the period 2018 - 2020.

KNGF Geleidehonden
(The Royal Dutch Guide Dog Foundation) 
KNGF Geleidehonden (Royal Dutch Guide Dog Foundation) is the oldest, largest and best-known guide dog training programme in the Netherlands. Dog and Special Needs is their expertise.  They carefully monitor the development of the guide dog from birth to retirement and their goal/mission is to improve the lives of many people with special needs, by means of a specially trained dog.
KNGF Geleidehonden trains guide dogs for visually impaired people and for people with other handicaps such as young children with autism, physically handicapped people in wheelchairs and people with PTSD. Established in 1935, the organisation has trained thousands of dogs for guide dog users in the Netherlands.
They breed, socialize and train future guide dogs.  They instruct future and existing owners in the adequate use of their guide dogs. They offer adequate after care. They research the effects our dogs have on the people they accompany, stay on top of the latest technological developments and look at deploying different types of dogs for a variety of  important tasks.
KNGF Geleidehonden also educates new guide dog instructors, informs the public about the guide dog and raises funds to finance the organization’s various activities.
They are a non-profit foundation and therefore largely dependent on donations and legacies.
Their objectives for the future are to increase the number of  trained guide dogs in order to allow more people with special needs to benefit from the immense added value a guide dog can offer. Also, they see it as theirresponsibility to offer a replacement for guide dogs who are no longer able to work due to old age or illness.