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The International Women's Contact Amsterdam publishes an attractive, informative Newsletter five times annually which is sent directly to all members by post every two months during the club year. 

In addition, a digital version of this Newsletter is emailed directly to all members at the time of publication. 




We offer full-colour advertising in our Newsletter at very attractive rates to the general public, and special discounted rates to our members.  Your ad will run for two months at the following rates:

Non Members Rates            Members Rates

Half page: €45                                €30  

Full page:  €90                                €45

Full inside cover:  120                      €75

 In addition . . .

You'll have your company's name on the home page of our website with a quick link to your advertisement. On your ad page, we'll also place links that will take viewers directly to your website which is also linked to our Facebook page.   This  means that when you advertise with us, you not only get your message out to our membership of approximately 260 women, but also to a much wider community! 


Option 2 ......Place a Mini-Ad

There are times when you need to share or promote something quickly and this may be the way! Share your event or items to sell in a quick, cheap and simple mini-ad.

The cost for 40 words or less is €20 for Non-Members and €10 for Members. We do not accept mini-ads over 40 words. For this price your ad will be placed immediately on our IWC Members Facebook page as well as the website. Should you want it in the newsletter as well, then this can be arranged with pleasure.


  Find out how to place your advertisement!   


 Send an email to:  multimedia@iwcamsterdam.nl